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Retirement Planning in Brentwood, MO. It's never a bad time to start coming up with a financial path to a happy and healthy retirement. Retirement planning is a necessary but sometimes confusing topic for many Brentwood, MO residents who want to be comfortable in retirement but don't know if they're going to make it where they want to go. Whether you're interested in tweaking an existing plan or are looking to create an entirely new one, the Brentwood, MO retirement planning consultant at Correct Capital will create a bespoke plan aimed at achieving your dreams; whether you want to be on first-class flights to Lake Como, or helping raise the next generations. Talk to one of our accomplished and knowledgeable financial advisors today by calling 314-930-401K or by getting in touch with us online.

What is Retirement Planning in Brentwood, MO?

Retirement planning is an integral part of of financial planning and wealth management that sets goals for your retirement income and lifestyle and developes a sound strategy to get there, which includes stock options, asset management, 401(k)s, and more.

In a best case scenario, you would start saving and planning for retirement from the moment you become a full-time worker. If the prospect of planning for an event decades into the future is daunting, or if you you feel there just isn't enough time in the day to actively manage a great retirement plan, give the Brentwood, MO financial advisors at Correct Capital a call at 314-930-401(k). When you enlist our retirement planning services, we help you understand how we can merge your finances and goals and help you determine a retirement plan that works best for you.

The Importance of Retirement Planning in Brentwood, MO

Life expectancy in the United States is higher than ever, and retirement planning has never been more essential to ensuring we are set up for the remainder of our lives. But too few people in Brentwood, MO and throughout the country recognize how large of an effect poor retirement planning could have on their lives. According to research from the U.S. Department of Labor:

  • Only about 50% of adults in the United States have considered how much income they will need in retirement
  • More than a quarter of employees who were able to contribute to defined contribution plan such as a 401(k) did not put any money into it
  • The average American spends approximately 20 years in retirement

More research found that over three-quarters of Americans are worried about their retirement funds. At some point, you'll go from acquiring money and assets, to only withdrawing money. Even if you are consciously preparing for retirement, it is likely best to reach out to a retirement planning consultant in Brentwood, MO to see if your plan could be improved, for instance assessing tax planning considerations or if it might be better to keep your 401(k) or roll over your 401(k) when changing jobs. Our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ in Brentwood, MO are here to answer any questions and to identify how to best position your savings.

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8 Steps to Productive Retirement Planning in Brentwood, MO

Below are some key tips to contemplate no matter where you are in your retirement planning journey:

  1. Don't wait to save

    Most experts recommend starting retirement savings as early as you can, as soon as you have left college or otherwise entered the professional sphere. While even if you are closer to retirement you can still start contributing to a retirement plan, you want the money to spend as much time collecting interest and growing from investments as possible.

  2. Understand your time horizon

    Your time horizon refers to how long you have to before you'll need to start withdrawing from your savings. Would you like to retire early? Or would you be happier working as long as possible? Are you a few years or a few decades away from retirement? A key understanding of your time horizon is imperative when you need to define your risk tolerance and determine how to optimize your savings.

  3. Understand your lifestyle goals for retirement

    If you have always envisioned yearly trips to the south of France, or prefer to watch every Cardinals' game of the season, your retirement planning needs will be different. If you don't understand your lifestyle goals, you may not be able to live the retirement you envisioned.

  4. Balance your retirement goals with other priorities

    While you should start saving when you're still far away from retirement, do not forget about other financial issues in Brentwood, MO like savings for your children's college education.

  5. Strive for a well-balanced financial portfolio

    In order to best attain long-term growth, it's crucial to have a diversified portfolio, understand your risk tolerance as it relates to your time horizon, and maximize your tax benefits. While stocks are often seen as the keystone to a high-performing portfolio, you'll always want to invest in bonds, cash equivalents, mutual funds, ETFs, and more.

  6. Put your money in the best retirement account(s) for you

    Many Brentwood, MO residents feel their current 401(k) company is the best place to see their money grow. Others may have a job with a 401(k), wonder if their money might be best in an IRA, if they should carry out a 401(k) rollover, or are interested in alternative solutions. Different plans work for different people.

  7. Remember estate planning

    Estate planning ensures a safe financial future for those you love most. A good life insurance plan will also ensure your Brentwood, MO family's future is secure if something happens to you.

  8. Hire professional retirement consultants

    Like in any sphere, there's no replacement for a professional. Qualified retirement consultants in Brentwood, MO, like those at Correct Capital, know how to take a look at someone's finances, goals, and current retirement funds and locate any possible blind spots and see where you can improve; the same way a vet can notice symptoms in a pet that the owner doesn't.

    While you're focusing on working hard to accumulate the funds needed for your retirement plan, your Brentwood, MO retirement planning consultants at Correct Capital will be working hard to identify areas of risk and opportunity.

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Retirement Planning Brentwood, MO | Financial Advisors | Retirement Consultants Near Brentwood

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At Correct Capital, our retirement consultants pride ourselves on our I.O.U. promise: we are independent, objective, and unbiased in all of the services and advice we offer. As fiduciary advisors and a Registered Investment Advisor, we have the resources, and ethics to do what's best for you and only you. If want us to evaluate your current plan in in Brentwood, MO, or need to start a plan, call Correct Capital today at 314-930-401(k) or contact us online.

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