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Correct Capital was established as an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) in 2018, after our partners had spent time working for other financial services companies. As an RIA, we serve you through a fully integrated solutions platform, providing independent, objective advice and investment counsel. Along with our high level of services, we provide our clients with additional resources that add value.

Why Did We Establish A New RIA Firm?

Being an independent and privately-owned company, Correct Capital is free of the natural conflicts that often arise from public shareholders and/or parent company relationships. As an RIA, we now have access to ten times the amount of investment solutions and a multitude of investment research sources. We are not limited to offerings, investment policies, or control required by a large institution.

What Are The Advantages Of The RIA Model?

  • Ability to create and control positive client experiences
  • Build a brand to match client preferences
  • Freedom to clearly act in your best interest without limitations
  • No obligation to cross-sell any proprietary products
  • Offer unfiltered, unbiased advice
  • Access to the latest technology and support
  • The ability to choose platforms and services that fit each client's unique needs
  • The opportunity to control, manage, and potentially reduce investment costs
  • Access to a multitude of additional investment solutions and research
  • More flexibility and control of decisions, operations, and policies
  • Autonomy in managing a business that we can be proud of and you can trust

What's In A Name?

More than 90 years ago, our Founder Brian Pultman's grandfather William immigrated to the United States and started Correct Cap Company, which made team, work, and promotional hats. Brian would often join him in meetings with his personal banker and became intrigued by how the banker built his career around helping others succeed. As it turns out, helping others succeed would be Brian's destiny as well. In tribute to his family's legacy and all of the values and life lessons his parents and grandparents instilled in him, Brian chose to pay homage to his family's company when starting his own wealth management firm. With a little bit of finesse, Correct Capital Wealth Management was born. These roots coupled with Brian's passion for serving others made this name ideal for his new firm. We hope this tradition of delivering quality and doing what is best for our valued clients continues.

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