5 Kids? 4 Dogs? One-Hour Commute? What Can’t Pintip Do?

A great wealth management firm doesn’t just depend on its financial advisors and qualifications. Each firm needs a great supporting cast to help them stay on track, fix their problems, and ensure their clients’ accounts are being handled the right way. Financial Advisor and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Colin Day recently sat down with Correct Capital’s Pintip Perdun to talk about how wealth management firms work and how she manages to stay so busy.

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Below is the transcript of our most recent Capital Conversation podcast episode, “5 Kids? 4 Dogs? One-Hour Commute? What Can’t Pintip Do?”

5 Kids? 4 Dogs? One-Hour Commute? What Can’t Pintip Do?

Colin Day: Hi, and welcome back to Capital Conversations with Correct Capital Wealth Management. I'm Colin Day. Joining me today is Pintip Perdun. Thank you so much for joining us today Pintip.

Pintip Perdun: Thanks for having me, Colin.

Colin Day: This is gonna be an ongoing series with the office because we wanted to provide an opportunity to put more faces and voices (depending on how you communicate with us) behind all of the staff here. So we've had a lot of videos so far with the advisors and portfolio managers in the office. But this is an opportunity to see somebody who does what some would call back office work. You might not see her out front all the time, but you will hear her voice. You will get emails from Pintip occasionally. So I appreciate you taking the time today.

Pintip Perdun: Thanks.

Colin Day: So let's start here. Pintip, what do you do here?

Pintip Perdun: I do a lot with client relationships, paperwork, and transferring money to and from. I also deal with compliance issues and and regulations with the security exchange commission. So a lot of rules and regulations. I have to make sure advisors are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Colin Day: That's right, because we have to be kept in line. We have to be kept within the bounds of what the federal and state statutes say that we're allowed to do. And so Pintip provides a very important role for us to make sure that our videos are appropriate, make sure we are not promising anything — which of course we never do, especially when it comes to our client's investments and livelihoods.

Pintip Perdun: Absolutely.

Colin Day: So, for those people that work with me as their main contact as a financial advisor, Pintip is probably not unfamiliar to you because I annoy Pintip almost every day –

Pintip Perdun: – every single day.

Colin Day: – with things that I need help with. So, she provides – I wouldn't say backup because a lot of times you're front facing – but ultimately you provide the ongoing client experience of taking some of the recommendations that I might be making to one of our clients and helping follow through on that. I think that's fair.

Pintip Perdun: Absolutely. Yes.

Colin Day: I mean, for example, what were we working on yesterday? Yesterday, I sent you a whole bunch of stuff for research. Remind me what I was doing.

Pintip Perdun: You sent me so many things that I did not bring my list.

Colin Day: I remember now. We were working through an annuity question. We were working through withdrawal questions on a client annuity. Actually, it was a very annuity-heavy day yesterday. If we make a suggestion of opening up a new account, Pintip is the one that's going to be assisting the account opening process, working through DocuSign or getting signatures done. I think that's all fair to say. What else?

Pintip Perdun: Any recommendation I receive from you, Colin, once you're done meeting with the clients, I take over from there. I will be your main point of contact as far as getting the statements, any paperwork that needs to be signed, I'm gonna walk you through it.

Colin Day: Okay. So, if you had to think about the things that get you up in the morning, that gets you excited to come to work, what do you think that is? Is it “I'm gonna send a hundred emails to different people today”? Or would it be something different?

Pintip Perdun: I think dealing with different types of clients and certain things I do here in the office, being with my coworkers. That's what gets me up. If you enjoy what you do, you're going to enjoy your day even more.

Colin Day: Then you never work a day in your life, right? I tend to send you a lot of problems, right? So like, “Hey, Pintip, I've got this issue.”

Pintip Perdun: I'm the problem solver.

Colin Day: “Pintip, I don't wanna spend 20 minutes on hold with this company to reset my password. Would you mind helping a guy out? Things like that. But obviously, and I think I'm very similar in this way, I like having different kinds of conversations with different kinds of people throughout the day, understanding their concerns and working through them. Because if we can be completely error-free when it comes to what our partners do, then we wouldn't really have much to do. We'd be twiddling our thumbs half the day. But the reality is that much of the challenge that we incur throughout a business day is just making sure that everything is running smoothly so that you, the client or prospect, has the best experience with us. So when it comes to how you got to this role with Correct Capital, Pintip has been here for just a little bit over a year now?

Pintip Perdun: It'll be a year on September 1st.

Colin Day: So about a year now – happy anniversary. How did you get to this position? Walk me through a little bit of how you got to this.

Pintip Perdun: I've been in the financial industry for 23 years. I started when I was 21, when A.G. Edwards was still established, and I started in the Transfer and Ship department.

Colin Day: What was that?

Pintip Perdun: You transfer certificates and anything coming out of your account. You make the request. I remember going in to do the testing because you have to test before you can work there. I couldn't even type.

Colin Day: Really?

Pintip Perdun: — At all. I didn't take any typing classes in high school. So there are different aspects of the industry that I was learning. You don't just work in one department; there are hundreds of departments. So I was curious about each and every department. Transfer and Ship was in the margin. I was over in the margin and then I went to the IRA department and then I started doing transfers in the Outgoing Transfers department. And it's been great ever since.

Colin Day: So you went from this operational role, maybe more of a back office role than any kind of front-facing role. How did you get out from the big corporation side of things into maybe some of the smaller RIAs?

Pintip Perdun: I started working with an independent annuity advisor. So that's what got my curiosity going. I realized I didn't want to do the same thing every day, all day long. So that's why I wanted to be more in the front line — because of my back office experience. I can bring that forward into the front office and help get things done correctly at the frontline.

Colin Day: Within the role that you're serving right now, like we were talking about, much of it is operationally based and improving operational flows, but some of it is compliance related. Do you mind speaking just a little bit about that? I don't know if our clients really want to hear about what we're doing in the background so that we can be compliant with them, but, if you think about some of the things that you have to concentrate on to make sure that we are serving our clients in their best way. What do you think might come to mind in that regard on a daily basis?

Pintip Perdun: The Security Exchange Commission and FINRA put regulations out to protect the client. And that's my biggest thing: to make sure our clients are protected and that you guys are doing the right thing as advisors. So that's the first and foremost that comes to my mind when running the compliance department or helping run the compliance department: making sure that our firm is within regulations. It's not just protecting the client, it's also protecting the firm itself and everyone that works here.

Colin Day: Well, that's great to know. And maybe we'll end it here. I think an interesting fact about Pintip is that she has the longest drive into the office every day. You live over in Illinois?

Pintip Perdun: I live over in Illinois. It takes me about an hour to get here. But I do enjoy my ride because it's nice and quiet before I get home to the chaos. But there’s not so much chaos anymore because half of my kids have moved out.

Colin Day: Remind me how many kids.

Pintip Perdun: I have five.

Colin Day: You have five kids, and that doesn't include your fur babies?

Pintip Perdun: No, which is another four. And they're all rescued.

Colin Day: And what is their weight ranges?

Pintip Perdun: The dogs range from about 200 pounds to 50 pounds.

Colin Day: You get here pretty early, you're the first person in the office normally. I mean, what time do you leave and how long does it take?

Pintip Perdun: I leave the house at 6:00.

Colin Day: So what time do you have to wake up to feed the dogs?

Pintip Perdun: Around 5:00.

Colin Day: That’s just too early for me.

Pintip Perdun: I'm an early bird.

Colin Day: Well good. Pinitip, again, thank you so much for joining us. I hope this didn't put too much pressure on you from a compliance perspective on this video.

Pintip Perdun: No, as long as we have proper disclosures.

Colin Day: Yes, and they will be up right after this. Thanks, everybody!

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