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Investment management that leads you to your goals

Our Investment Strategy

Our fundamental goal is to create long-term Financial Security for our clients.  An over-concern with the short term can dilute focus, increase costs and detract from performance.  Sticking to a long-term strategy is key to protecting and growing wealth over time.

We believe our clients’ Financial Goals are best achieved by the avoidance of major losses in falling markets and the compounding of reasonable gains in rising markets.  The central component of successful long-term performance is a well-constructed strategic asset allocation. By selecting the right mix of assets to suit individual risk tolerance, investors are able to maximize returns relative to risk over the long term. 

We search for investments and managers with acceptable downside risk and underappreciated growth potential. Our asset allocation models are derived from our estimated risk and return expectations over the coming business cycle, and the interactions between asset classes. The strategic asset allocation portfolios we recommend aim to maximize return, relative to risk, according to investor risk tolerance. 

Trust Matters

Our firm’s investment philosophy is integrated in our independent RIA model; put simply it’s our IOU: Independent, Objective and Unbiased. We provide open architecture institutional investments while managing the fiduciary liability for plan sponsors, participants and beneficiaries. Our evaluation includes quantitative considerations, qualitative analyses and diversification review. 

"Would you live more today knowing you were on-track to retire on your timeline?"

Let us lead you to success